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Saturday, February 17, 2018  

Communiquées from the front...

26-05-14 at 11:49  
Preparing a new home  
Hey all,

I'm sure you've noticed the sudden surge in spammers.

Unfortunately, the forum software we're currently on is so distressingly old, there's really not all that much that can be done to deal with them. The default spam-resistant options are in place, and they don't do anything. Honestly, I think they're probably using an exploit to post directly somehow, as if you look, none of those obvious spam users are even activated.

I've mentioned before I've been looking at setting up a new forum, however the issue is, as mentioned, this forums' version is stupifyingly old(I think it's actual RC1 of mybb. ....yeah.)
With that, there's no easy way to move to a new forum and retain ANY of the current content. Threads, posts, usernames, etc.

Part of what's kept me from moving on with it is trying to think of a way to deal with that.
I could deal with threads and posts being lost if required, but I feel that losing the user accounts and logins would be a much harder blow.

However, given the boon in spam, I think a solution needs to be moved on soon, regardless.

So, what I'll be working on is prepping the new forum, and once it's ready, I'll have the current forum URL direct to that, while keeping this one live on oldforums.ttrgame.com or something of the like.

That way, anyone needing to recover their account for the new forum can log in on these old boards and PM me via their existing account with what they want the new board info to be. I'll set the user up for them so they'll be good to go.

I feel this is a good middleground. I'll see about doing some kind of query script to recreate the bulk of the user data, but the passwords would be in no way portable as the way they are handled is completely different now, hence the PM-me solution.

So yes, this week I'll be putting in time to get those boards underway and get as much content moved over as I can. At which point, I'll do the URL swap(with a helpful sticky directing to the old ones as needed) and we can start moving into our new home.

From there, I can provide additional news about work-things that have been happening recently, and where we're going from here.

-Reno out
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15-09-11 at 08:34  
The Third Reich: Classic  

Initially, I'd hoped to get this announced sooner, and get some content posted with it, but a few remaining bugs stopped me from getting it together in a timely manner.
Having said that, I'd like to let everyone know about TTR: Classic.

What is it?
Simply put, it's going to be a remastered version of the original TTR. Most of the old content will be directly ported into Torque, and anything absolutely requiring polish will get some TLC to bring everything up to bar. Think in similar terms of HL1 being updated to HL: Source.

In specific terms, many problems that plagued the original TTR due to engine limitations, such as collisions will be properly resolved. The maps will be worked over and tweaked so they all carry a fairly similar level of quality and detailing, and elements that were slated to be included, such as bug fixes and minor gameplay tweaks will be integrated.

Once it becomes more solid, I'll follow with a changelog/update list indicating differences between the original and Classic.

I'd also like to let you all know that TTR Arena will be directly integrated into the game and expanded.

Why's this being done?
The new TTR game, that I've been chugging on has been a bit of amorphous creature. Fixes, features, and additions being made to a broad spectrum of areas, from the engine to gameplay, levels to art. Given what the project was going to be, it's taking a fair bit of time to assemble, all the more so given the fact that other than occasional contributions, it's been a solo job. Its progressing, but it's still a ways out yet.

Given it's unstructured nature, I decided that it would be a good opportunity to take the existing work, and paring down to match the original TTR gameplay, and get a working rendition of the original, which comparitively, is a smaller product. It makes for a good point of consolidation, a more solid foundation, and a good way to keep things in scope of how TTR was, and will be, even as it expands and updates.
Quickly, this expanded to the point where if I was going to produce TTR99, but in the Torque engine, it'd make sense to properly migrate it, and give it to you guys.
This gives you something to play, and can more directly contribute to the development of TTR going forward.

As things get closer, I'll do a suggestions pass at any minor grievances and bugs that people are aware of, and like to see tweaked/fixed, but feel free to busy up the Ideas and Suggestions board in the meantime.

Feel free to comment, and let me know what you think. Any suggestions for tweaks or improvements on Classic itself should be done in the Ideas and Suggestions section.


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17-03-09 at 11:25  
It's back!  
Maybe it was only down for me, but I'm glad it's back!

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