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Saturday, February 17, 2018  

the barracks...

Our community is one the finest and most devoted ever seen. They have stood by us through thick and thin and remain a great source of inspiration and encouragment to the TTR Team.

We would like to encourage everyone with an interest in World War 2 and this game of ours to gather at our forums and participate with ideas, knowledge or simply friendly discussion.

Even though we might sometimes disagree with each other there is always a sense of camaraderie and friendliness. So don't be afraid to voice your thoughts and opinions on matters you care about. It's good to hear new, fresh ideas and the developers discuss quite a few of the suggestions that are voiced.

Should there be anything you find offensive or abusive, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the moderator crew. Our own PR/Marketing Manager is the head of this crew and always has time for any questions or feedback you might have.

Enjoy your stay with us.
As with any community, a few simple rules need to be set in place to ensure a relaxed & friendly atmosphere for everyone.

1. Always follow the directions of the moderators and/or developers. If you find your instructions questionable contact a Super Moderator or Admin.

2. Never start a thread unless it has a purpose and a subject for discussion.

3. Remain within the boundries/parameters of a given topic. Don't straying too far off.

4. Never post unless you are contributing to the discussion/thread. Don't post for the sole purpose of posting.

5. Never flame or harass other community members.

6. Only post mature, thought through replies with the intention to stimulate discussion in a positive way only.

7. People will not be punished for having contraversial opinions, it is their right to free thought and speech. Allthough any opinion that shows, or was intended to provoke hate, along with obvious and intentional flamebait can result in reactions from the moderators.

8. Questions regarding moderator actions are sent by PM to the Super Moderator or Admin. They are never to be posted publically in the forums.

Note: By registering on this forum you agree to these rules and accept any consequences if you break them.

There's also other ways besides the forums to get in touch. We also offer the opportunity to live chat with the developers, community and fans. You can do so by simply visiting us on #ttr on irc.gamesurge.net .
We all look forward to welcoming you in our chat room!

For those of you like me, who like professional and integrated tools, I recommend the Opera browser, for both exploring this website to it's fullest as it's many useful integrated tools such as the built in IRC client.
With opera you can join us by simply clicking the above link to connect with the built in IRC client, while still exploring the rest of the website content.
Firefox users can download (yet another) plugin named ChatZilla, or you can download one of the following stand-alone IRC clients: HydraIRC, BersIRC, mIRC, X-Chat.

If you are experiencing problems joining our IRC channel, have a look in this IRC help thread on our community forums.