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Saturday, February 17, 2018  

"The Third Reich" intel...

The Battle for Hürtgen
In the (Huertgen) forest proper, our gains came inch by inch and foot by foot, delivered by men with rifles-bayonets on one end and grim, resolute courage on the other. There was no battle of Europe more devastating, frustrating, or gory.
- Maj. Gen. William G Weaver, Commanding General, 8th Infantry Division.

A wooden area of 50 square miles sits on the border of Belgium and Germany about 5 miles south of the city of Aachen. It was during the months of September '44 to...

Design Philosophy
"The Third Reich" is a game centered around the american campaign in the Huertgen forest and all that implicates.

"The Third Reich's" design philosophy is in short to create a game where realism and gameplay intertwine. It is important to us that the game will reflect the reality of those involved in the actual campaign, authentic looking uniforms and weapons from that time period and campaign aswell as authentic and real locations and surroundings.

We are intent on making it as real as we can while still making the gameplay as fun, innovative and ambient as possible.
We are striving towards the goal of a game similar yet different from the previous TTR for UT. Similar in keeping what made the previous game so good and expand and enhance other aspects aswell as bring totally new and innovative features to the TSE version.

To achive this goal, we decided to move away from the UT2004 engine and traverse to the highly awaited TSE Engine.

Game & Engine Features
"The Third Reich" is being developed with the robust AAA Torque Shader Engine (TSE) technology by GarageGames.

Please note that TSE is not a quickly "band-aided" shader implementation with some tricky water effects or a simple glow to add one more product bullet point. This is a ground-up rewrite of the old Torque Game Engine (Tribes2) rendering engine to take advantage of modern shader cards and DirectX 9.


Frequently Asked Questions
Here you can find answers to some of your questions regarding TTR. The FAQ will grow over time as new information is released and/or new questions arise.

Q. I'm looking for the original TTR, where can I find it?
A. Right here in Livingtarget's post about his 1.3 Community edition.

Q. Who made the music for TTR.
A. Rob Vanderputten a.k.a Engineer

General Game Info :

Q. Will the game be free?
A. For now, the game will be free. Who knows what the future wil...